What a wonderful day to be Thankful today, but as I reminisce back to pass days, I was thankful from day-to-day.  I am especially thankful for this special day that is set aside to give thanks for the year’s blessing in life. Over a thousand years ago native American was brought to their innermost being that a Higher Being was making the land work for them and bringing crops to them, and because of that they could build houses and bring food to their tables. God is the source of all blessing in life, He started everything by creating a universe that is filled with so many astronomical events that man is forever visiting science methods of trying how to figure out the universe. But! the universe belongs to God, He is allowing the man to manage the world, but God, the Alpha, and Omega have the master plan to it, and all the keys are found in His hand of Wisdom. This what God said about His world, if he was hungry he would not tell you, because He is God, and He doesn’t need our help “If I was hungry, I would not tell thee: for the world is mine and the fullness thereof. (Psalm 50:12). I was filled with joy this Thanksgiving Morning as I arose met the Love of God rushing into my heart filling me with the everlasting breath air of life, I said, Praise God another day To give thanks for life. As I stood there looking out of my windows, I see the beauty of God’s creation. There were tall strong trees some were green, others were standing with beautiful leave of brown, yellow and red on them some of the leaves had fallen to the ground. I looked and there were squirrels running up and down the trees, and across the street.  As I listen with my ears, I heard sounds of birds, people, also cars traveling to-and-forth. Then I suddenly realize that this is a day of blessing, I was standing with health and strength. Not forgetting one moment that the strength of the Lord is my portion. “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1). Thanksgiving is a day to Stop! and recognize how blessed you are. To look at your life and the family and friends around you, and see how good God has been to you. Every day we should give Thanks to God, but on the day the world has set aside to recognize that during the year we all have been given the necessities of life, and sometimes life has given us a special bonus. It is a God of Mercy and Grace that have brought me through trials, over mountains, through sickness and death, but sometimes He let me walk up on the mountain top. Thankfulness comes naturally for me because I know there is nothing in life that I can accomplish without the Wisdom of God.  Jewel of Nugget “Thankfulness it all belongs to God.”

  Well, another Jewels of Nuggets for the Soul.  Praise the Lord!

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